What our Clients Say

“Best place in the Yukon for physiotherapy! My physiotherapists are compassionate and personal people, open and honest about your treatment plan, explain everything with even exercise instructions if you need. I am happy to refer anyone to this clinic. I couldn't ask for anything better or more from my treatment providers. I'm on the proper road to recovery all thanks to the incredible staff at Whitehorse Physiotherapy!”
 Melissa Wilson

“I injured my shoulder over a year ago and have been dealing with limited movement and pain. I have been seeing my physiotherapist for treatment and for the first time in a long time the pain has subsided and I have movement back.”
 Valerie Ann

“I started going here during my pregnancy when I was having pelvic and hip issues and have continued going after birth to help with recovery. My physiotherapists are amazing and super helpful.”
 Kendall Pigeau

“I had two injuries that really impacted me and I went from super active to full stop. In both cases Kristy and her colleagues got me back on track. She and her team were always extremely accommodating, paid careful attention to the issues and prescribed an effective action plan. If you want to get back fast Whitehorse Physiotherapy is definitely the place to go!”
 Ed Chandler

"I am so grateful that I followed a recommendation to see Whitehorse Physiotherapy for my frozen shoulder. It took several months and work at home but my shoulder is pain free and I have full movement. The atmosphere in the clinic is friendly but professional. I highly recommend this clinic for professional advice and treatment"
 Barbara Ewert

"Kristy and her associates are the best! They really care about results and take my recovery seriously. I've been seeing them for post spinal surgery and osteoarthritis issues."
Carolyne Thompson

“Online scheduling...good availability of experienced and friendly physiotherapists...good advice...do the program...less pain...what else would you want?...I have recommended Whitehorse Physiotherapy to many people.“
Susan Berndt

"Kristy is an  extraordinary pelvic health physiotherapist. I have been impressed with the depth of her knowledge, her professionalism and her sensitivity in dealing with personal matters. Kristy is also a great coach who empowers her clients to take charge of their own health. I recommend her highly!"
Diane Larkin

"This clinic is quality driven and thorough in their treatment. I have used them a few times, and always a good experience."
Luc Laferte

"I had a painful hip last fall, and I wasn't able to go for even a short walk. I had gone to other physiotherapists, but the issue never got resolved. Then I found out about Whitehorse Physiotherapy and started treatment there. My physiotherapists diagnosed the problem, explained how it would be treated and spent a lot of time with me during each appointment. Now I am able to walk for a couple of hours a day, without pain. I feel like I have my life back. I am so grateful for the excellent treatment I received. This clinic is truly different from most of the others."
Diane Parenti

"I am very thankful to Kristy for her professionalism, her caring, her experience and her knowledge.  I never hesitate to recommend her and her colleagues to anyone needing physio treatment.  She heals!!"
Margaret Mundell

"Friendly treatment with good results. Best way to keep active and overcome injury."
Doug Neill

"After suffering from excessive neck and shoulder pain from previous injuries I decided to seek help from Whitehorse Physio as I had heard great tings about them.  After 8 weeks of therapy I am nearly pain-free and have regained full range of motion in my shoulder and neck!  My physiotherapist is very engaged in my care and has given me great advice.  I highly recommend!"
Conrad Worall

"My physiotherapists have clearly shortened my recovery time, help manage pain and improve performance.... well worth it, thanks!"
Gerard Dinn

"I attended physiotherapy for leg pain and difficulty climbing stairs. I received prompt service and was quickly diagnosed. A complete program was set out to resolve my complaints.  With the positive feed back, support, direction and encouragement given by my physiotherapist I was able to stick with the plan and am back to walking 5-10 k!   I  highly recommend this clinic."
Dawn Dimond

"Shirin helped me with an injury to my right elbow.  Through her virtual physiotherapy plan she brought me from constant pain almost no pain.  Thank you Shirin for your expertise, patience and guidance."
Rosemary Kilpatrick 

"My physiotherapist is highly skilled, extremely patient and just an overall lovely person to deal with.  The same can be said for the staff and the clinic always has a positive vibe because of it.  Excellent place to learn a little and heal a lot!"
Kristina Sharman 

"My physiotherapist has helped me so much with pain in my hips and knees. Super friendly and welcoming staff!"
Eugenie Champeval

"Staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  I would recommend Whitehorse Physiotherapy to anyone looking for a physiotherapist to work with you in treating your injury."
Ivy Huber

"Good atmosphere, great staff and excellent service. I recommend to everyone!"
Warren Pearson

"Professional, quality service every time. Responsive and knowledgeable on any needs your aching body brings to you! No hesitation to recommend."
Karen Weinberg

"I have been a client of this amazing little powerhouse for a few weeks now. Welcoming and encouraging staff and a warm environment, my overall health continues to improve."
Carol Grant

"Everyone at Whitehorse Physio are so welcoming and accommodating!  After my first visit with Stephen my shoulder pain was 80% better!"
Kelsie Blaker

"I received superb care from my physio, she took the time to listen first and then provided exceptional treatment and exercises to get me back to my active lifestyle.  Thank you for not giving up on me!"
Linda D'ilio

"If you need physio you need to go to Whitehorse Physiotherapy! They have amazing staff that are there for you to help you through your recovery from beginning to end. Highly recommend this clinic to anyone needing physiotherapy."
Marika Isaac

"After about 3 weeks of the most unimaginable back pain and countless trips to the ER without answers I decided to try physio.  After 4 or 5 sessions with my physio my pain was almost non-existent! I was so impressed and relieved that I could finally move around again. My physio also gave me great advice on how to prevent the pain from coming back and what to do if it does!"
Rhylin Wilson

"Whitehorse Physiotherapy has helped me recover from several different injuries. The physiotherapists all provide safe and effective interventions. Staff are friendly and helpful and the online booking system is great, there are generally lots of options that fit my schedule."
Jessica Murphy

"I am grateful and happy with the assistance from the staff at Whitehorse Physiotherapy.  I appreciate the professionalism and kindness when working with them.   I would highly recommend them to friends, family and colleagues if they require physiotherapy.  Top notch team!"
Lorraine Donovan

"Went to physiotherapy for a shoulder issue, after therapy and exercises have no other issues.  Great staff, very friendly and helpful. Recommend Whitehorse Physiotherapy if you need your aches and pains attended to."
Marisa Quadrio

"I have received the most professional service at this clinic.  My physiotherapist is patient and caring and a great teacher - I would definitely recommend Whitehorse Physiotherapy to others!"
Robin Moyen

I started seeing Kristy virtually which is fantastic because its a 12 hour round trip from her office to my home. Paying for my treatment electronically was simple.  I was very pleased with the service and will be going back when needed in the future.
Hayley Riemer 

I can't say enough good things about my experience here. They have excellent customer service and Sara is a true professional. I was already feeling better after my first visit and after a few more, I was totally fixed!
Chris B

I have been a client of this clinic for a persistent injury and really appreciate the patience and expertise that is provided.  I also appreciate that they have taken COVID19 measures seriously and I feel I am safe in their space.
Bonnie H

I had such a pleasant and positive experience working through my injury with Sara. Keep up the healing work!
Larra Daley

I've seen several physiotherapists at Whitehorse Physiotherapy over the years and they have all been fantastic. They saw me through a workplace injury and surgery and I now follow up as needed. Their hours are flexible and can accommodate most schedules. I highly recommend their services.
Naomi MacDonald 

Had a great experience with Whitehorse Physio.  I wanted to address early signs of tension and posture-related pain and was so happy with the treatment, which was quick and gentle.  My physiotherapist tailored all exercises to my individual preferences and helped me adapt my work set-up to prevent the issue reoccurring.
Misha D