The hands do too many things for us. However, unlike other body parts, we rarely take care of them and provide them with the rest or relaxation they deserve. But since the hands are also prone to various conditions that may inhibit an individual’s ability to hold, subscribing to physical therapy treatments for the hands is ideal for alleviating pain and soreness. But what else should people know about hand physical therapy? Here are some answers.

1. What Is Hand Therapy?

Simply put, hand therapy treats injuries and other conditions that affect the hands. These conditions may affect a single finger, multiple fingers, or the whole hand. Even though “hand therapy” may seem somewhat vague, it is quite the opposite. Hand therapy is a type of treatment engaged by individuals who suffer from a hand condition.

They may feel pain in the hands, hands that may be weakened, or hands that may be weak. These conditions could affect one or both of the hands, and often, it may be a cumulative result of previous physical injuries or accidents. The therapists that provide the therapy are trained in helping individuals who are suffering from hand conditions. They will aim to lessen the pain and tenderness that patients may feel in their hands.

2. For Which Patients Are Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is used to help patients recover from various hand-related conditions. The treatment is also used for patients who may have suffered a hand injury or have had previous hand surgeries. One such condition is arthritis. Patients who have had hand surgery may require hand therapy to speed up the healing process after the procedure.

3. Who Provides Hand Therapy?

Most patients will be able to find a therapist who can provide physical therapy treatments for the hands. These therapists are licensed, and they are typically found working in clinics, hospitals, and medical offices.

Other groups may provide physical therapy treatments for the hands. These include physicians, chiropractors, and nurses. Some physical therapists are also able to provide hand treatment services.

4. What Are the Benefits of Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy can be helpful to patients who are not able to move their hands quickly. It can also be beneficial to patients suffering from hand conditions because it can provide them with all the support they need.

Hand therapy is also beneficial because it can enable patients to rest their hands or keep their hands warm. Patients can also use it to relieve pain that they may have.

5. Is Hand Therapy for Me?

Hand therapy is also for those individuals who have undergone hand surgeries or who have had hand injuries in the past. The therapists will provide patients with the care they need to prevent further damage.

The treatment is also beneficial because it can be done in the comfort of a clinic, providing patients with a place to recover and get the care they need. Because it can be done in a clinic, patients can stay close to home and see the results of their treatment right away.


While hand therapy may seem like a simple procedure, it can provide patients with the necessary care to overcome hand-related conditions. It is ideal for patients who have arthritis and arthritic conditions or have undergone hand surgeries in the past. But the best part is that the treatment can be done in the comfort of a clinic, which means patients don’t have to make long trips to hospitals or medical facilities.

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