Ankle sprains are one of the most frequent sporting injuries seen in physiotherapy, and they can occur in both contact and non-contact sports. With any ankle sprain, it is importantl to get medical attention and fully rehab the ankle to minimize further pain and instability. Evidence suggests that a sprained ankle has one of the greatest re-injury rates, reaching up to 70%. 

Here are three reasons to consult a physiotherapist following a minor ankle sprain:

1. Get it Diagnosed Accurately

Even if you're sure the injury is an ankle sprain, it can be difficult for a non-clinician to determine the severity of the ankle sprain. Determining the severity is important to guide the best course of treatment, target rehabilitation goals and be able to properly measure the effectiveness of the treatment intervention.

The ankle is a complex joint, and with any ankle sprain, there is a risk for underlying ligament or cartilage injury. These may not be immediately apparent, so it's important to get an accurate assessment from your physiotherapist.

2. Reduce Risk

One of the most frustrating things after an ankle sprain is the pain you can continue to experience due to the injury. It may feel like the ankle is constantly sore.  With the right rehabilitation, it really is possible to recover fully and get rid of the ongoing pain. It just takes the right rehabilitation program.

3. Get Relief

Most ankle sprains are a grade 1 or 2 sprain, where the ligaments are mildly stretched. This will present with immediate pain and swelling over the sprained ankle with limited range of motion.

With the right physiotherapy treatment and exercises, you'll have the best chance of reducing these quickly, allowing you to stop limping, get back to your daily activities, sporting activities and even work.

How Physiotherapy Can Help

Physiotherapy can help by using techniques to reduce the swelling quickly and allowing you to get better range of movement as soon as possible. Once the swelling has been reduced, you can begin a rehabilitation program to regain strength, motor control and a full range of movement.

You can also do some simple things yourself to speed up the recovery process, such as following the R.I.C.E. guidelines; Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This can reduce the pain and swelling as well.


Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries sustained in sports all over the world. With any ankle sprain it's important to seek help and advice from your physiotherapist. They will  accurately diagnose the severity of the sprain and then design a rehabilitation program to get the best possible outcome for you.

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